Practice paper for class 12 AHSEC : 2020

  1. Total marks-25  Total time-1hour

Set A(Each question carries 1 mark)

01. Write down the properties of electric charge

02. Draw the diagram of electric lines of force due to thin sheet of charge

03. What is an equipotential surface?

04. Give the resistance of a resistor with colour code of red black green silver

05. How mobility of charge carriers is related to temperature?

Set B(Each question carries 2 marks)

01. Give the difference between polar and nonpolar dielectrics.

02. find the expression for torque acting on an electric dipole placed in a uniform electric field.

03. Explain the two laws of kirchoff laws with diagram

04 . Find the expression for capacitance of parallel plate capacitor

Set C(each question carries 3 marks)

01. Express coulomb’s law in vector form

02. Using gauss theorem find an expression for electric field due to the hollow sphere at a point outside and  on its surface

03. Find expression for electric potential due to an electric dipole at any point

04. Using the concept of drift velocity establish ohm’s law