Study materials

Class-XI  Class-XII

Unit-01- Physical World

Unit-01- Electric Charges and Fields

Unit-02- Units and measurements

Unit-02- Electro static potential and Capacitance

Unit-03- Motion in straight line

Unit-03- Current  Electricity

Unit-04- Motion in plane

Unit-04- Moving charge and magnetism

Unit-05- Laws of motion

Unit-05- Magnetism and matter

Unit-06- Work , Energy and Power

Unit-06- Electrio magnetic induction

Unit-07- System of particles and rotational motion

Unit-07- Alternating Current

Unit-08- Gravitation

Unit-08- Electro magnetic Waves

Unit-09- Mechanical properties of solids

Unit-09- Ray Optics

Unit-10- Mechanical properties of fluids

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Unit-10- Wave Optics

Unit-11- Thermal properties of Matter

Unit-11- Dual nature of radiation and matter

Unit-12- Thermodynamics

Unit-12- Atoms

Unit-13- Kinetic theory gas

Unit-13- Nuclei

Unit-14- Oscillation

Unit-14- Semiconductor

Unit-15- Waves

Unit-15- Communication