Daily practice papers

   Practice paper for class XI

NCERT 11 solid (1)

  Practice Paper for class XII of 2020 from 2nd book

Total marks -36

Time- 90 minutes

Each question carries 3 marks

Q1- Obtain the relation between angle of minimum deviation for a prism and its refractive index .

Q2- (i) Draw the ray diagram for a reflecting type telescope .

(ii) Write down the advantage of reflecting type telescope over refracting type telescope

Q3- Define critical angle . Write down the condition for total internal reflection. What is optical fibre?

Q4- State Huygens principle . Draw the wavefront due to a point source .

Q5- Prove that for destructive interference path difference between two light waves should be odd integral multiple of  λ/2.

Q6- State Malus law.

Establish brewster’s law .

Q7- Draw the ray diagram for Davision and Germer experiment.

Write down few application of de Broglie’s hypothesis .

Q8- state Bohr’s postulate .

Write down its failures.

Q9- Draw and explain binding energy curve .

Q10- Explain the working of zener diode as a voltage regulator.

Q11- Write down Boolean expression and truth table for NOR and NAND gate . How NOT gate can be obtained from NOR gate ?

Q12- define the following terms

(i) modulation index

(ii) attenuation

(iii) noise