Practice paper for AHSEC class 12 on Magnetic effect and Magnetic properties

Total marks 25    Total time-1hour

Set A (each question carries one mark)

01. What is 1 tesla?

02. Give the dimensional formula of permeability

03. What is the resonance condition of  cyclotron?

04. What is an ideal voltmeter?

05. State gauss law in magnetism.

Set B (its question carries 2 marks)

01. How a galvanometer can be converted into an ammeter? Explain with diagram

02. Define the magnetic elements of earth

03. Find expression for torque acting on a bar magnet placed in a uniform magnetic field

04. Give the difference between diamagnetic and paramagnetic substance

Set C(Each question carries 3 marks)

01. Using ampere’s circuital law find expression for magnetic field due to solenoid.

02. Find expression for magnetic field at the axial point of  a current loop

03. Find the expression for force acting between two parallel current carrying conductor in the same direction.

04. Find expression for magnetic moment due to an revolving electron what is Bohr magneton?